Zombie Run Saga ( CAPX ) (Games)

How To Play Zombie Run Saga ?

Use Mouse Or Touch to move zombie about , avoiding Peas and Shooters , Move Swiftly with Maneuvering .
Your Mission is to destroy the Shooters by make them hit themselves ,
Use Cleaner to destroy all Peas and Shooters , Use Shield To shield your self, Use Bonus to add 10 Pionts to your Score , be cautious from BOOM its will make your Score !!!Superior LUCK!!

Game Characteristics

  1. HTML five Arcade game
  2. Totally Constructed with Construct two ( R 227 )
  3. Responsive layouts
  4. Functioning in all HTML5 browsers
  5. Playable in all platforms ( Phones + Tablets + PCs)
  6. Touch and mouse Handle
  7. AdMob Advertisements Supported
  8. Add your Logo with no Code
  9. Customize the game with no Code
  10. Terrific FX Background music
  11. HD Resolution
  12. Saves Higher Scores

What you will have when getting Zombie Run Saga ?

  1. Game C2 Supply Code, like all assets

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