Would You Rather (BBDOC+Android Studio+Xcode+AdMob+RevMob+Chartboost) (Games)

Would you rather ?
Would You Rather&#8230
Be wealthy and ugly OR Poor and incredibly desirable ?

IS  a Extremely Super Addictive Game which uncomplicated game-play that you will discover exciting, cute  and  for all ages , Choose the answer that you assume you would pick out if you had to pick out only among two choices.  You can now answer some of life’s most difficult inquiries, such as:

– Additional about project:

For molestation project have Ad-Mob / RevMob / Chartboost frameworks, you can straightforward      location your Advertisements ID .
Project have fantastic plan architecture and Higher top quality assets just for you =)
  • This game is produced by Buildbox, incredibly straightforward to re skin and incredibly addicting game with Flat style graphics. Buildbox is a breakthrough game creation practical experience. Producing games is as straightforward as dropping pictures into the computer software, producing modifications to their properties and hitting play.
    BuildBox project will let you to edit levels and all the graphics and also export it to platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Desktop, Windows Desktop EXE, Windows Shop, Amazon and OSX.

⦁ Universal (telephone &#038 tablet)
⦁ Excellent Visual and Sound Effects
⦁ Tested on Android (Actual Device) four. -&gt six.
⦁ Perform on much more than 12508 devices
⦁ Sound on/Off Choice
⦁ Social Sharing Choice
⦁ Price
⦁ FaceBook like button
⦁ Compatible with Buildbox versions two. &#8211 two.eight
⦁ One particular tap controls
⦁ Complete Game Template
⦁ Export to a quantity of devices in the iOS/Android loved ones
⦁ Quick to Re-skin
⦁ Involves detailed Documentation
⦁ Reskin solutions offered from the animation/design and style group who constructed the app!
⦁ Assistance :)

Income Possibilities
⦁ AdMob ( Banner + interistitial )
⦁ RevMob ( Banner + interistitial )
⦁ Chartboost
⦁ affiliate other games for additional revenue ;)

Specifications :
⦁ Buildbox two.1.1 or Above ( Not Nessecary )
⦁ Eclipse ADT Or Android Studio
⦁ Java JRE 7 or above

When you buy you will get :
⦁ APK file
⦁ Buildbox File (BBDOC)
⦁ iOS Project ( Xcode)
⦁ Android Project ( Android studio )
⦁ PNG File ( Icon Game )
⦁ Sound Effects
⦁ Documentation

How to Re-skin :

-In the Documentation you can search detail information and facts on how to re-skin this project.
-You can transform settings all of game approach, it&#8217s straightforward, you just will need to transform worth in settings file.
-Also you will be in a position to setup Ad-Mob in just a minute by inserting your advertisements IDs and absolutely nothing else!
-Project have fantastic documentation and you can get in touch with us for resolve your challenge!

How to export Buildbox template for android ( test on true device ) / Android Studio :


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