Woocommerce Sales &amp Discounts (WooCommerce)

What is Woocommerce Sales &#038 Discounts

Woocommerce Sales &#038 Discounts is a plugin to set in bulk sale rates on goods without the need of edititing 1 by 1 each and every of your goods.


Sales &#038 Discounts for Woocommerce can

  • Set in Bulk Sale rates for a precise solution category
  • Bulk Take away sale rates

How does it Perform?

Navigate to Woocommerce -&gt Sales &#038 Discounts to set the sale rates

  1. Set the Discount Percentage in the 1st field.
  2. Choose A Category you want or pick All to add sale rates to all of your goods..
  3. By default on goods currently on sale(if you have some), will not be added a sale price tag, if you want to replace also their current sale price tag verify the &#8220Update Goods on Sale&#8221.

*if you want to eliminate in bulk the sale rates set the Discount Percentage to or leave it blank and pick press Get started.