WooCommerce Place Manager (WooCommerce)

WooCommerce nation/states do not match your wish? Want deeper place to handle? Want to add additional state and city in WooCommerce? Locate no additional, attempt WooCommerce Place Manager now!

In brief, it&#8217s all about places

five area level supported

Nicely, the WLM is developed to compatible all sort of address on the planet. From the nations employing zip code to the nation do not use zip code like Vietnam, Thailand and South East Asia nations.

Show place popup pick

At 1st, you only can show the shipping charges only when user have place the address and place (nation, state, zip code) at checkout.

Now, your user can set the place at 1st take a look at, then the shipping charges will be automatically calculated base on WooCommerce&#8217s shipping classes.

What can you advantage from:

  • Show the shipping charges anyplace on your internet site, as lengthy as your client has item in cart

Have additional detail via checkout and order detail

Have the detailed facts of the place in the order detail.

What you can be advantageous from

  • Less complicated to make the shipping package
  • Less complicated to ship your item, specially when you make the shipping by oneself

Auto fills the place by zip code.

Do not have substantially time to add a new place? Just add the zip code rather, the method will fill the place name automatically.

Consider five seconds to place 1 zip code, and you have specifically the place detail filled.

Also, the language of the place will be supplied in your native language, ex you are in Spanish, the place will be filled by Spanish, rather of Eglish!

Shhhh!!!! This is the secret factor!!!
The place is supplied by Google API, but specially, you do not have to place the API Essential there, don&#8217t inform any person, pleaseeee!!

Save the customize place following checkout to client profile

If you are questioning that if the place of the client will be saved or not, yeah, you had it.

The custom place like City, District, Neighborhood will be saved to client&#8217s profile.

You can edit the facts in the backend as well!

WordPress Multisite compatible

Are you operating on a multisite project? Take this plugin as your favourite or purchase now, mainly because you will require it.

Consider the added worth to can add to your service and inform your client that they can handle the regions on their personal, simply, no coding essential??

Interested Sufficient? Invest in it now

The guarantees, as usual

Coming Quickly

  • Sophisticated table price shipping &#8211 Override WooCommerce shipping classes
  • A number of place managers (front finish management and backend management per client
  • Auto fill address
  • Bulk add by zip code
  • Modify Log


Initial release - version 1.