WooCommerce Debitoor Connect (Gateways)

Welcome to the SP WooCommerce &#8211 Debitoor Connect Plugin

This Plugin will connect your WooCommerce WebShop with the Debitoor Accounting Solutions.

Performs with WooCommerce three.x, WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Bookings

(You will need to have an Account at Debitoor.com !!)


  • WooCommece three.x Help
  • WooCommerce Subscription Help
  • WooCommerce Bookings Help
  • Generated automated Invoice at Debitoor if a order is placed at your WebShop
  • Send an PDF Invoice from Debitoor to your Client
  • Track your Payments at WooCommerce and mark your Invoices paid at Debitoor
  • Send Payment Receipes from Debitoor to your Shoppers
  • It&#8217s also doable to add a Payment at Debitoor to mark your WooCommerce Order as paid (automated)
  • Sync your Shoppers from WooCommerce to Debitoor
  • Sync your merchandise from WooCommerce to Debitoor
  • Complete VAT Help

Release 1.. &#8211 2017/04/20 &#8211 ChangeLog

- Inital Release