Woo E-mail Customizer – StS (WooCommerce)

Woo E-mail Customizer

Woo E-mail Customizer extension offers capability to merchant to beautify their WooCommerce default e-mail templates by adding custom header and footer to e-mail templates. Admin can simply customize the WooCommerce emails by altering the colors of e-mail templates, text, header &#038 footer format, add custom hyperlinks, add social hyperlinks. A preview section is also readily available for simply view the e-mail template for all WooCommerce emails.

Characteristics :

This program enables you with a complete lot of options listed as:

Beautify WooCommerce E-mail

Merchant can simply beautify their woocommerce default template by adding logo, colour choice, menus, social hyperlinks into mail header and footer.

Mail Header

A header is added with logo, custom menu hyperlinks, social hyperlinks as nicely as banner with custom colour choice

A Footer is added with custom menu hyperlinks, social hyperlinks, enterprise specifics and copyright section with custom colour choice.

Custom Designing

A setting is readily available for desinigng the e-mail template.

Merchant can add social hyperlinks like facebook, pinterest, google+, youtube, linkedin, twitter.

Merchant can add as quite a few menu hyperlinks as he desires on e-mail header and footer section

Preview Mail

A great function is readily available for preview all woocommerce emails as similar time of customization.

Item Image

Item image is also send in mail.

Quick Customization

Comprehensive e-mail is totally customizable.

Translation Prepared

.mo and .po file is prepared.

Release Version

== 14 April 2017  ==
Version 1.. : Initial Release