Versatile Retailer Pickup for Optional Delivery (Magento Extensions)


  1. Overview



A lot of buyers nowadays favor a seamless purchasing knowledge when shifting from offline to on-line purchasing channels and vice versa. That&#8217s why from time to time they demand a absolutely free in-shop pickup to acquire their things just after acquiring on-line. Nevertheless, how can they locate the nearest shop and make for it?

Magento Retailer Pickup acts as a shipping module that lets buyers decide on a certain shop from your chain of shops to choose up items for the duration of checkout. They can decide on themselves the nearest shop with its address and open time. It&#8217s the most hassle-free approach for buyers to buy and get an item in their preferred approaches. This new acquiring procedure is one particular of the need to-have modules that a shop owners will need to delight their buyers.

  1. Essential Attributes


  • Pick Retailer and Time to choose up things at Checkout


This extension makes it possible for consumer to pick a prefered shop in the Shipping Technique section at checkout to get items correct on Google map. Shops&#8217 place and the true distance from Clients&#8217 billing address to every shop will support them in producing choice.

When picking a appropriate choose-up date and time, shop&#8217s days off are disabled on calendar. Also, a message will be shown, notifying Clients to alter a further date if one particular of the shop&#8217s holidays is selected.


  • View/ Search Shops on the Retailer Listing Web page


The shops listing web page displays all shop areas on Google map. Clients can effortlessly narrow down feasible selections inside a certain location by making use of the search function.


  • View specifics of a chosen shop


This Magento extension makes it possible for buyers to see shop &#8217s place along with other specifics when picking a specific shop. Apart from shop name, address and opening time, buyers can see shop pictures and speak to with the shop manager if they have any inquiries.

  • Payment Technique Association

The in-shop pickup shipping approach can be integrated with one particular or additional payment strategies. When a shop is set with certain applicable payment strategies, only these payment strategies are offered to buyers at checkout.


  • E mail Notification


This Retailer Pickup extension will build emails sent to shop owners as notifications that buyers want to choose up items from their shops. The emails let the shop owners know the info of the orders like the items specifics and the time of choose-up.

  1. Attributes Complete List


  • For Clients

  • At checkout


    • Enable deciding upon absolutely free in-shop pickup alternative as a shipping approach (from several shops)
    • Show areas of all shops on Google map in the Shipping Technique section
    • Enable picking a preferred shop on Google map or in the selector
    • Sort shops in the selector by distance
    • Auto-use chosen shop address as the shipping address on orders, invoice, e mail, and so forth.
    • Enable deciding upon a hassle-free pickup date and time
    • Disable shop&#8217s days off on calendar when picking pickup date
    • Notify Clients if one particular of shop&#8217s holidays is selected as their shipping date
    • Show shops with unique pin colors on Google Map


  • On Retailer Listing web page


    • List all shops with detailed info, like shop name, address, opening time, description
    • Enable browsing for certain shops by name, city, state, nation on Google map
    • Show shops&#8217 place on Google map along with their specifics
    • Show pictures of a chosen shop
    • Enable emailing shop managers by way of the speak to kind


  • Immediately after checkout


  • Allow Clients to view/ print order with the choose-up shop place on the map
  • Allow Clients to acquire their order e mail with info about the pickup shop


  • For Admin

  • Speedy and skilled multi-shop setup


    • Add new shops manually or import from CSV files
    • Set address, place, opening time, description for every shop
    • Get shop coordinates primarily based on Google API
    • Add speak to info of shop owners
    • Add pictures of every shop showroom
    • Add shipping charge for every shop (New)
    • Add lunch break time for every shop (New)
    • Enable adding shop tags (New)
    • Enable resetting shop position by clicking a point on Google map
    • Enable uploading preferred image for shop pin icon shown on Google Map (New)
    • Handle Buyer messages, associated orders of every shop
    • Enable making use of Retailer Pickup shipping approach when developing orders in back-finish
    • Customize shop&#8217s pin colour on Google Map


  • Hassle-free opening time management


    • Speedily setting up functioning date and time for several shops when importing shops from CSV files
    • Set interval of choose-up time for shops
    • Enable applying Monday time schedule to other days when developing/ editing shops
    • Enable setting holidays for a period of time
    • Enable setting holidays for several shops at when
    • Enable setting specific days with specific functioning time for chosen shops


  • Timely e mail notification


    • Send notification emails to the owners of chosen choose-up shops with info of Clients&#8217 orders, items and instances of choose-up
    • Enable sending e mail to shop owner when order status is changed
    • In a position to modify the default e mail template to shop owners/ net-shop admin in Transactional Emails if required


  • Simple configuration for a chain of shops


  • Set unique positions of the hyperlink to shop-list web page: prime hyperlink or footer hyperlink
  • Allow/ Disable browsing shop by Nation, State, City, and Retailer Name
  • Allow/ Disable displaying pickup time/ date in front-finish
  • Enable integrating the shop pickup shipping approach with one particular or additional fixed payment strategies
  • Implement Google map API to calculate true distance involving Retailer and consumer address
  • Enable calculating distance by miles or kilometers
  • In a position to configure the quantity of shops shown in dropdown list at checkout with true distance
  • In a position to decide on default shop when consumer pick &#8220shop pickup&#8221 as shipping approach at checkout