Underwater Hunting (Games)

Did you ever hunt for a fish at depths? So now it&#8217s time to dive with your fishing spear and catch a lot more fish enjoying this lovely cartoonish underwater globe! This game made in Construct two with only 73 events and has a &#8220shooting gallery&#8221 gameplay with easiest a single-touch or a single-click controls. And off course Underwater Hunting can be totally customized and exported to any platform with no-hassle!


  • HD Graphics &#8211 Transparent PNG incorporated.
  • Sound FX and Music &#8211 All sounds and music are incorporated. Player can switch all sounds to on/off.
  • Construct two supply file &#8211 Editable Construct two file that consists of supply code of the game.
  • Mobile Prepared &#8211 Game is mobile optimized and prepared for export to mobile platforms.
  • AdMob Marketing &#8211 Earn funds displaying advertisements in your game from trusted marketing corporation.
  • Social Sharing &#8211 Permits your players to share their ideal score and market your game for no cost.
  • Completely Customizable &#8211 You will get complete manage of the game by modifying Construct two supply file.
  • Straightforward Controls &#8211 Just tap the screen or use a mouse.
  • Score Technique &#8211 The game saves the final and the ideal outcomes on the player&#8217s device.
  • Documentation &#8211 Assistance file for a fast start out.

Be confident that you have a license of Construct two. You can get it on Scirra.com