Uncomplicated Touch – Assistive Touch (Complete Applications)

Assistive Touch

APK Genuine Demo : https://www.dropbox.com/s/xl3vcdtf2pmxg6z/4.Assistive%20Touch.apk?dl=0

What is Assistive Touch?
Assistive Touch is an assistant manipulation tool for your Android telephone is a comparable shortcut IPHONE cell telephone. Assistive Touch offers you much more simply to operate and much more conveniently to immediately access to all your preferred apps, games, settings, and notifications by a floating panel on the screen. Assistive Touch is also an great perfect to guard the physical buttons! Our virtual panel can proficiently lower the hardware consumption, hence prolonging your telephone&#8217s life. And Assistive Touch is quick, light, and Totally free.

  • What Assistive Touch can do?
    Assistive Touch offers the easiest approaches with a single touch to:
    – Go to Household Screen
    – Speedy toggle settings: rapid access App as Get in touch with, SMS, Clock, YouTube, Setting, Flashlight, Games and all Apps installed
    – Set up and rapid open your preferred applications
    – Lock Screen
    – Back button

*Speedy switch or Turn on/off, such as:
– Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth
– Brightness
– Ringer mode
– Auto rotation
– Volume
– Ring down, Ring up
– Memory clean and optimize
– App list

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+ Assistive Touch like an Iphone device with: dwelling, setting, shortcut, lock, clean memory.