True Money &amp Rewards App – Internet Panel + Admob (Android)

Upload it to PlayStore and appreciate generating genuine dollars. All what you want is customers, the much more customers you get, the much more dollars you make.

The responsive theme of this dollars generating machine will support you turn any visitor to an active user functioning on your app daily!

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The only function you want to do, is sending your customers the component of the dollars you determine to give them. you are often a winner for the reason that when your user ask for payout, the dollars he ask for, it will be often significantly less than the dollars you currently earn from this user.

What are you waitng for? upload and let your customers function for you.

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How customers will make dollars?

From any location in the globe without the need of any situation
Rewards app it&#8217s simple to use with android telephone connected to the world wide web, and couple of minutes to function on it,
The user open &#8221 True money &#038 rewards app &#8221 and get his totally free every day verify in points (You can edit this, see the documentation), then he can watch videos to make much more dollars or set up Apps if he want to earn much more.

Rewards app is integrated with Following Ad-Networks for your customers to appreciate generating dollars.

- Admob 
- Admxi
- Super Sonic
- Tapjoy (Mediation)

Just setup accounts with the above talked about Ad-Networks. You Can also hide and re-arrange any of the Ad Networks ( Documentation ).

Note : Approval from AdNetworks is essential !

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