ThemeApps Place Tracker (Utilities)

Themeapps Place Tracker offers an edge in obtaining the most correct place of your document, car or individual.
by means of this you can locate the precise place of reaching address with google map assistance.

Most Potent Tracking App till now

  • A good map path tool with estimated time and distance is obtainable to direct you how to attain your chosen location by means of streets. In other words, you will in no way be concerned to be lost in an unfamiliar place.
  • Have elevated operational efficiency by means of enhanced actual-time visibility
  • Improve productivity by bringing predictability in the provide chain
  • Save price by eliminating the need to have for high priced GPS/GPRS devices
  • Make information-driven choices
  • Have a easy, hassle-cost-free, predictable and controllable industrial model.

To take complete benefit of the &#8216Place Tracker&#8217, a Prepared Enterprise have to re-evaluate their provide chains, internal
processes and use of assets. Themeapps Place Tracker is a trans formative tool that lets you acquire much better visibility
of provide chains, track and monitor the place of assets and increase your small business efficiency. With GSM network-primarily based
place tracking, it identifies the place of the SIM or mobile quantity from the cell tower it is latched on to.

Subsequent Version will come with google voice and amazon lex just after 125 sales.

Hope you folks will get new version of the all cost-free just after 500 sales.