The Endless Space Crush Adventures Buildbox Template + Admob (Android StudioEclipse+Xcode) Reskin (Mobile)

Blast off to deep Space with your spaceship, the addictive physics spaceship game that your mates will want to play, but they can&#8217t! It&#8217s your telephone, mate.

Your mission is to cruise in your spaceship as far into space as feasible. Uncomplicated touch handle That enables for smooth however crazy maneuvers. Earn in-game currency from effective launches and devote it to obtain new Spaceships.

Quick to play but really hard to master gameplay indicates The user will be coming back once more and once more for a single far more increase.

The game is produced with the BUILDBOX game engine

How To Play:

• use your finger to move the Spaceship with the straightforward touch handle.

• attempt to keep away from all the enemies

• Use the energy ups to aid you in your adventures


• Admob Banner/Interstitial (Other marketing alternatives when making use of Buildbox)


• Price Us Button

• Splash screen

• coins / Points

• Many Characters

• Powers Ups

• Share scores

• Arcade gameplay

• Telephone and Tablet help

• HD Graphics

• HD Sound Effects

• On the web Assistance 24/7

• Add levels and modify Gameplay and behavior (Only when making use of Buildbox)

• Much more&#8230

What You Get:


two. Assistance 24/7.

How To:

– Import Project Into Eclipse Engine .

– Alter package name in AndroidManifest.xml.

– How to Alter Graphics game.

– Configure Admob Banner and Interstitial.

– Update Price and share Url.

– Export the apk file.