Taxi Booking App – A Full Clone of UBER with User,Driver &amp Backend CMS Coded with Native Android (Complete Applications)

This project is a full clone of Uber , which is a taxi booking App. We have create this app applying Native Java for Android applying Android Studio . This sale comes with 100% Sorce code for User app , Driver App , PLUGINS &#8211 Incorporated &#038 Robust CMS

What is integrated in this package ?
This app shipped with Powerfull Node.js Plugins along with Newest Supply code for Android Studio , PHP 7. Code for Backend , Newest Node-Mongo Supply code for Auto assign driver for Booking , A full Set up Guilde to set up the code operating like Configuration of Push message and Finish to Finish to finish . We also want to give free of charge installation exactly where we set up the exact same code in front of them applying teamviewer if they upgrade to extended lieasence. What Else ?

Crucial Note : Please allow mod_rewrite in apache
sudo a2enmod rewrite
sudo service apache2 restart
Please refer this to repair this

Options in this app

Intro Video splash screen to give attractive appear to the app.
Google api integration for autocomplete.
Plotting of areas to google map with distance and minutes calculation in between routes.
1 step and quick booking course of action.
Integration with Paypal and Stripe Payment gateway.
Help distinctive prices for day and evening.
Solution to set cab kinds with prices from backend CMS .
Fashionable animation in between views with Facebook style slide menu.
Show all booking with scroll to load and clean UI.
Filters to sort booking&#8217s on the basis of completed, pending booking and so forth.. Offered on each User and Driver App.
Allow Auto refresh when driver accept job on driver arrival, journey start , journey completed / dropped and so forth.
Help Push messages for all the status as nicely.
Reside tracking Driver who are assigned for your booking.
Solution to Cancel the Job till driver is not assigned.
Price card screen with alternative to view all Taxi&#8217s day and evening prices.
User can price driver following completion of Ride , ALSO driver can price user as nicely.
100% Native Android studio Project and shipped with complete supply code.
Help localisation and Internationalizations .
Help RTL Languages.
Share ETA to Facebook and Twitter .

Driver App Function three Step registration kind with all necessary field capture and validation carried out to make app prepared to go reside ..
Facebook style sliding menu ..
Solution to set status obtainable and unavailable ..
Show all jobs with Scroll to load function .
Filters to sort jobs on the basis of completed, pending booking and so forth.. Offered on each User and Driver App..
Help Interface for tracking Driver .
Help Interface when new bookign is arrived and Telephone will get started beeping .
Node.js Auto assigning of Driver for Jobs on the basis of availability of Driver avaibality , automobile variety and nearest obtainable driver applying Robust Spatial GEO Queries ..
Help Push messages to driver if app is in background. ..
Calculating Tariff on the basis of Miles + Minutes need to travel . .
Help localization and Internationalization ..
Help RTL Languages ..
Options in CMS : Clean and Quick to fully grasp Dashboard which show all relevant statistics along with timelines for current bookings ..
Solution to View all Booking with Search..
View all Driver&#8217s ..
View all Usre&#8217s ..
Assign Job to Driver from CMS..
View Flagged Driver and Solution to block them..
View Flagged User and Solution to block customers..
Solution to view all customers..
Solution to Set automobile kinds ..
Set Rates for Automobile kinds ..
Set Currencies ..
Set Day and Evening timings..
And considerably extra &#8230

We adore to hear back from you , really feel free of charge to send your feedback as nicely. Also we are obtainable for customization and set up of this item and some of the customisation&#8217s are also specified in livepreview web page ..