T-Com PayWay Woocommerce Payment Gateway (Gateways)

T-Com Payment Gateway WOO is payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce WordPress utilizing T-com Payway .

Some of T-Com Payway WOO options

  • On-line authorization and payment of credit cards &#8211 American Express, Visa, Diners, MasterCard, Find out (only contracted accept Diners Club cards)
  • On-line authorization and payment of bank (debit) card &#8211 Maestro (ALL BANK), Visa Electron
  • Fixed charges of utilizing the technique regardless of the quantity and volume of transactions
  • three Sorts of connecting on line grocery technique (XML, Kind, WebPos)
  • On-line transaction management (authentication, billing, cancellation, refund)
  • The potential to gather in a number of installments (based on the card)
  • Rewards of utilizing PayWay technique

  • Quicker authorization and delivery of solutions increases business enterprise final results
  • Accepting various credit cards increases the quantity of prospective purchasers
  • Accepting bank (debit) card covers the segment of clients who do not have a credit card
  • Simple to program and handle operating charges
  • Protection from fraud utilizing stolen card
  • Distinct models connect to the technique make it effortless to implement in current internet shop
  • How it functions

  • The payment course of action is redirect 1. Your clients will be redirected to a safe PayWay payment web page, exactly where they will make a payment. Immediately after the payments is full the clients will be redirected back to your merchant shop and presented with a Thank you/Receipt web page.
  • Safety

  • No SSL required, the payment course of action utilizes safety hashing to transfer the information and the payment itself is produced on a safe PayWay web page.

Receiving Began

  • You will want to produce a T-Com PayWay account to use the payment platform.

T-Com PayWay Account Setup

  • You will want to get in touch with the PayWay group to request an account.

Test card information &#038 Demo

  • Card: AMEX (American Express)
  • Card quantity: 377500998821007
  • Safety quantity: 00
  • Expiry date: 2018 / 10