Strokify For Elementor (Add-ons)

Demands Elementor &#8211 Free of charge &#038 Most Sophisticated Frontend Editor

Welcome to the future of the internet. Strokify is WordPress plugin for animating text stroke.
To make items easiest as probable we produced Strokify as Elementor plugin.
This way you can use any font &#038 styling you want. Some of Strokify functions are:

  • Reside Frontend Editing
  • Reside Frontend Responsive Editing
  • Uber Lightweight: Strokify is much less than 1KB :)
  • Operates with any font
  • Operates with any theme
  • Select How Several Trails
  • Select Trails Colors
  • Make Font Transparent
  • Trail Height &#038 Offsets
  • Run After/Forever &#038 Animation Occasions
  • No Javascript Made use of, pure CSS
  • Responsive