Strategic Quantity Game Xcode project and App (Games)

This very addictive quantity game is fully prepared for you to start off producing cash with! The game is primarily based on 100 boxes/cells. Click on a box to reveal a quantity and then &#8211 utilizing your one of a kind technique and following two easy guidelines &#8211 hold clicking till you&#8217ve revealed the numbers in each box. It sounds straightforward but is far more difficult than you consider!
Right here&#8217s how to play: &#8211 Beginning from the final quantity you clicked, move left, correct, up down or diagonally. &#8211 If you move left correct up or down you need to skip two boxes &#8211 If you move diagonally, you need to skip one particular box. (You can click on numbers that have currently been revealed). Reveal all the numbers on the board and you win!
This game was previously out there in the iOs app retailer and sold with good good results! (Removed to do author&#8217s unwillingness to preserve Apple Developer status).
Incorporated you&#8217ll come across: &#8211 the original HTML &#038 Javascript barebones operating prototype with restricted style, &#8211 the far more sophisticated prototype with full style components &#8211 the Xcode project &#8211 the .iap file to upload to the app retailer &#8211 mockups, pictures, .ai files of logos
You can re-brand it, use it on the internet or in the app retailer, add publicity or modify it on the other hand you like!