Straightforward Lingos : Study Languages (iOS App) (Templates)

Make Study Languages iOS App Quick and Straightforward.

This app developed to be effortless to use. It exploits multimedia channels &#8211 words and recordings of native speech &#8211 to allow you to grasp words and phrases helpful on the road, when mingling with any language speakers, in day-to-day or family members life, and when operating.

Options :

  1. Xcode Complete Supply Code
  2. Monetize With AdMob
  3. 33 Lessons
  4. Extra than 1000 essential sentences
  5. Documentation integrated
  6. Straightforward Reskin

33 Lessons :

1- Household
two- Receiving to know other folks
three- College
four- Nations and Languages
five- Reading and writing
six- Numbers
7- Date and Time
eight- Activities
9- Colors
10- Fruits and meals
11- Seasons and Climate
12- In the home
13- Appointment
14- In the city
15- In nature
16- In the hotel
17- At the restaurant
18- At the airport
19- Transportation
20- Asking for directions
21- At the zoo
22- At the medical doctor
23- At the post workplace
24- At the bank
25- Holiday activities
26- Sports
27- Purchasing
28- Feelings
29- Negation
30- Possessive pronouns
31- Operating errands
32- Providing factors
33- Adjectives

Crucial Remark

The audio files integrated is for demo only, this imply you can&#8217t use it in your true app , you should replace it with your personal audio files .