SPG – Wise Payment Gateway for Paypal (Gateways)

This Payment Gateway For WooCommerce extends the functionality of WooCommerce enabling you to accept payments with many currencies on your WooCommerce retailer.

This wordpress / woocommerce plugin is a Wise resolution which, combined with SCD &#8211 Wise Currency Detector, will permit you to deeply deal with Several currencies from the items in your WooCommerce shop to the Payment applying foreign currencies.


  • WooCommerce (two.six.14+)
  • WordPress (four.six+)

Supported Browser

  • IE 9+
  • Firefox two.+
  • Chrome eight+
  • Safari three+
  • Opera 10.six+



    1. Copy the &#8216SPG&#8217 zip on your desktop.
    2. Unzip it.
    3. Upload the folder &#8216SPG&#8217 to the &#8217/wp-content material/plugins/&#8217 directory.
    4. Activate &#8216SPG- Wise Payment Gateway&#8217 by means of the &#8216Plugins&#8217 menu in WordPress.
    5. Your plugin is activated. Go to &#8220WooCommerce -&gt Settings -&gt Checkout&#8221
    6. Choose &#8216SPG Paypal&#8217, click on activate and love it.