Spend on Pickup for Prestashop (Prestashop)

Spend on Pickup for Prestashop is a premium Prestashop module that enables your shoppers to spend for their order when choosing it up from 1 of your shops!

The module enables you to add the &#8220spend on choose up&#8221 payment system to your shop! Off course, you can assign the payment system a custom name and a custom description! The payment system gets active when your shoppers select to choose up the order straight from 1 of your shops! Necessarily, when the choose up delivery system is chosen, a shop choice drop-down seems with all the shops that are marked as offered for choose up!

Smoothly integrated to Prestashop, Spend on Pickup, displays the choose up shop info in all the important frontend and admin locations. In the frontend, we naturally have the validation web page in the checkout approach. Also, we have the order detail web page in orders history and the guest-tracking web page! In the admin now, naturally the choose up shop info is displayed in the order&#8217s information web page. Let&#8217s also mention that admins have the potential to alter the choose up shop, in case your buyer adjustments his/her preference! What about emails? Effectively, the choose up shop info, is displayed in the order confirmation e-mail! And final but not least, the module comes packed with an &#8220order prepared for pickup&#8221 e-mail template so that you can very easily produce the respective order status!

Verify the screenshots to get the feeling!


  • Custom Name for Spend on Pickup Payment Process
  • Custom Description for Spend on Pickup Payment Process (Extended WYSIWYG Editor)
  • Pickup shop choice throughout checkout
  • Let pickup from chosen shops only
  • One particular step checkout and 5 step checkout assistance
  • Decide on new order status
  • Pickup shop info in order history
  • Pickup shop info in guest-tracking
  • Pickup shop info in orders in the admin
  • Potential for admin to alter pickup shop
  • Pickup shop info in order confirmation e-mail
  • E mail template for &#8220order prepared for pickup&#8221 status
  • Multi-shop
  • Multi-language


Demo Frontend:

URL: http://www.prestashop-demo.inno-mods.io/

Username: [email protected] / Password: buyer


v.1. - November eight, 2016
Initial release