Space Trip (Games)

Space Trip &#8211 Endless Space Adventure

Discover the space abyss applying a jetpack, in the part of brave astronaut flying via unknown galaxies current someplace in alternate surreal dimension. Prevent collisions with planets, meteorites and satellites, not forgetting to catch far more coins and some beneficial stuff like canisters with fuel and further well being refill.


  • HD graphics &#8211 All sprites in .PNG and PSD integrated.
  • Sound FX and Music &#8211 All sounds and music are integrated. Player can turn the sounds off.
  • Construct two supply file &#8211 Editable Construct two file with supply code of the game.
  • Mobile &#038 Desktop Prepared &#8211 Game is optimized and prepared for quick export to any preferred platforms.
  • AdMob Marketing &#8211 Earn revenue displaying advertisements in your game from trusted marketing enterprise.
  • Social Sharing &#8211 Enables your players to share their most effective score on Facebook &#038 Twitter.
  • Totally Customizable &#8211 You will get complete manage of the game by modifying Construct two supply file.
  • Uncomplicated Manage &#8211 Just touch the screen or use left mouse to move.
  • In App purchases &#8211 Earn revenue with your game!
  • Various obstacles &#8211 Planets, meteorites and satellites.
  • Various bonuses &#8211 Overall health and Fuel bonuses.
  • Score Program &#8211 The game saves the newest and the most effective score.
  • Infinite Gameplay &#8211 Don&#8217t be concerned about the finish of the game. Play as extended as you like.
  • Documentation &#8211 Enable file for a fast start out.

Be positive that you have a license of Construct two. You can get it on