Sophisticated money on delivery with charge / surcharge (Gateways)

Important plugin! This plugin enables you to add the &#8220money on delivery&#8221 payment strategy with the selection of applying an additional charge.

This plugin will raise your sales! You can offset the additional price of this shipping strategy by charging a charge to the client. The money on delivery payment strategy enables your buyers to spend for the order at the time of getting their order, they spend on shipment.

The money on delivery payment strategy is a client favored, considering the fact that they don&#8217t have to make a payment till they obtain their shipment, which provides them safety and self-confidence.

You can define a number of charge configurations primarily based in a number of circumstances

Also, you can use this plugin to add a money on choose up payment strategy!


This plugin enables to:

  • Configure a number of commissions. You can configure much more than a single rule for calculating the charge based on the shipping strategy, shipping nation, shipping zone, item category and item(s). The rule that meets all the circumstances, or if much more than a single, will be applied which has larger priority.
  • Application of a fixed charge. Charge your buyers the very same charge regardless of the quantity of the order.
  • Apply a charge primarily based on the percentage of the total order. Charge a charge based on the quantity of the order.
  • Apply a charge primarily based on quantity fixed more than a percentage. Charge a flat price plus a charge based on the quantity of the order.
  • Set a minimum and maximum order quantity to show this payment strategy. Orders with much more or significantly less than the configured quantity will not be capable to make payments with this strategy.
  • Establish a acquire quantity exactly where the charge will not apply. If the order exceeds the configured quantity no charge will be charged.
  • Choose which carriers/shipping approaches will be shown with this type of payment. Configure which shipping approaches will seem with the payment strategy.
  • Pick out to which nation(ies), zone(s) category(ies) or item(s) exactly where this payment strategy is enabled.
  • Configure the status in which the order will be generated when you choose this payment strategy.
  • Adaptive and responsive design and style (RWD), valid for all resolutions of your computer system and mobile device.
  • Multi-Website. You can make a distinct configuration for each and every website.
  • Compatible with all net browsers.
  • All texts of the module are translatable.

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