Sophisticated Facebook Business enterprise pages and Marketing Tool (Miscellaneous)

Search Emails from your competitor or dependable organizations about you
to produce

Target Facebook Advertisements
Target Your Competitor&#8217s Facebook Fans
and export the emails as csv prepared to upload in your facebook target audience spot

The script complies with the facebook terms

Facbook Privacy

This scraper can only scrape public Facebook information which is accessible to any one, even these who are not logged into Facebook. No personally-identifiable information is collected in the Web page variant but that information is also public to non-logged-in customers. On top of that, the script only utilizes officially-documented Facebook API endpoints without having circumventing any price-limits.

Its 100% secure with Facebook Terms of service due to the fact we are employing API supplied by Facebook. Lots of Facebook scrapers have been not employing a Facebook API and these are the ones that are becoming banned. So our scraper is 100% secure to use. Custom Audience employing Facebook Emails is a constructed in marketing function that Facebook designed and enables.Attain far better targeted audience and Increase your click by way of prices employing ultra targeted custom audiences in your niche from Facebook employing our script

Note that this script, and any variant of this script, can’t be applied to scrape information from user profiles. (and the Facebook API especially disallows this use case!)