SnapIt – Wheel – Slavlee (Animated SVGs)

SnapIt &#8211 Wheel &#8211 Slavlee

SVG wheel with Snap.svg

Snap.It &#8211 Slavlee is a jQuery Plugin that generates a static or animated wheel with just a couple of parameters.You can optionally show html content material in a lightbox soon after clicking on the wheel.

You can divide the wheel in as lots of pieces as you want. Adjust the size, colors and animation speed of the wheel and it&#8217s segments.

All adjustments are produced inside 1 JSON object.

Far more Snap.It &#8211 Wheel &#8211 Slavlee information:

  • package incorporate just 1 css and js file
  • the generated svg is totally customizable through css
  • primarily based on Snap.svg, jQuery and Fancybox three