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Snakes And Ladders is a HTML5 Board Game.
100 squares complete of traps and tricks&#8230Roll the dice and attempt your luck!
Ladders will take you up but Snakes will take you down!
Are you afraid of serpents? No dilemma!
There is the version with chutes and cute babies prepared for you!
Two games in one particular&#8230what else?

The game is primarily based on the &#8220Snakes and Ladders&#8221 game-play. For additional information take a look at:

This game has been created in HTML5/js and third-celebration library CreateJs &#8211 (not Construct2 or other framework).

The ZIP package includes the game with 1360&#215640 resolution that scales to match the complete screen device.
The game is totally compatible with all most typical mobile device browsers.

  • Sounds are enabled for mobile but we can&#8217t grant complete audio compatibility on all mobile devices due to some nicely-know concern in between some mobile-browser and HTML5.
    So if you want to steer clear of sound loading, please study the documentation
  • Sounds can&#8217t be enabled for Windows Telephone as this type of device have unsolvable troubles with &ltaudio&gt and &ltvideo&gt tag.
  • If you are prepared to make a mobile app out of this game, we recommend you to reskin or at least rebrand it
  • We can&#8217t be held accountable and supply assistance for eventual troubles met throughout the use of the game in third celebration software program (i.e. PhoneGap, Cordova, Iudei)

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=== Even if we do our greatest to lessen any inconvenience, we can&#8217t assure the complete compatibility of all our games on every single device and every single operating technique update.
Thank you for the understanding. ===

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