Sky Warrior two Invasion (Games)

Sky Warrior two Invasion, is a arcade game, fascinating and attractive game in which you have to resque folks and gather life, ammunition, missiles, fuel and many improvements and destroy enemy aircraft and fighter!

Easy operation: the upward movement by pressing the up arrow crucial, move down, by clicking on the down arrow to move to the left by clicking the arrow to the left, move to the proper, pressing the proper arrow, shoots automatically or touch of the game for mobile devices. Mobile handle plane: 1. Touch the plane and move him two. Use the joystick.

Functions :

• Complete Game CAPX
• HTML5 Mobile Optimized
• A single-Touch Manage
• Easy Gameplay
• Quick to Reskin
• Quick to Add Content material
• Quick to Alter Supply
• Touch &#038 Mouse
• Sound Fx
• Higher Resolution: HD 1280&#215720px
• Such as Asset