SHOUT – HTML5 Radio Player With Advertisements – ShoutCast and IceCast Assistance (Media)


Only Radio Stream Required

Just add the radio stream and the player will get radio name, radio categories, existing playing song and artist photo.

Shoutcast &#038 Icecast Assistance

It supports ShoutCast and IceCast radio streaming. The radio stream really should be MP3 sort. It will also play AAC streams but only on browsers which assistance AAC.

Responsive Style

The radio player can be utilised in internet websites which are responsive.

Mobile Compatible

It is compatible with IOS and Android operating systems.

Sticky &#038 Normal Versions

You can set the player to be sticky for a web page or for the complete web page. You can also disable sticky function and just insert it in the content material of a web page or post.

Advertisements Assistance

For each and every radio station you can define 1 or lots of industrial banners to be displayed even though your customers listen the radio station. You can disable advertisements assistance and the existing playing singer image will be displayed.

Continuous Playback

When you&#8217ll transform the web page, the player will continue from exactly where it was in the prior web page preserving the chosen radio station, volume and so forth. This will make sure a smooth playback across your complete web page.

Player In Popup Window

You have a button which will open the player in a popup window. With this function you can listen the radio station, with no interruptions, even though navigating the web page menu.

Final.FM API

The player makes use of Final.FM API to show the photo of the existing playing singer.

Extremely Customizable

You can pick from the two out there skins: back &#038 white. Also, from parameters you can develop any colour scheme, possessing the possibility to integrate it in any style.


The playlist things are structured in categories. A radio file can belong to several categories. The categories are automatically generated from the radio stream information.

Playlist Search

You have the selection to search the playlist. The outcomes will be displayed as you sort the search term.

Show/Hide Playlist

Button to show or hide the playlist. Also selection to get started the player with the playlist hidden.


You can share the radio player on Facebook and Twitter. Parameters to customize the share title and description.

Selection To Manually Set Radio Name And Categories Name

If necessary, you have the selection to manually set the radio name and categories name

Show/Hide Buttons

You can set as visible or set as hidden: playlist, volume, share buttons

Many Parameters

More than 70 parameters from exactly where you can customize your player, such as: width, autoplay, initial volume, playlist, categories &#038 colour parameters.

Free of charge Updates

When you&#8217ve purchased the item, you can download for free of charge, from your account, all the updated versions.


Notes for IOS (restrictions imposed by Apple):
1. The autoplay will not perform simply because IOS disables autoplay function and it can&#8217t be controlled from JS
two. Volume controllers will not perform on IOS. You&#8217ll have to adjust the volume with physical buttons of the mobile device.



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***Version 1. Release Date: August 24, 2017