SecMonit – Net safety app (Miscellaneous)

SecMonit is the 1st net application to regain manage of the safety of its server. SecMonit can block the most widespread attacks of bots, scripts and hackers such as SQL injections or denial of service attacks!

SecMonit Features

SecMonit utilizes intelligent algorithms to detect all identified hacker attacks as nicely as new unknown threats making use of code recognition and patterns, and automatically requires action.

This net safety app comes with effective admin panel from which you can view all logs, and execute some actions with attackers and hackers.

Server requierement :

  • PHP
  • Curl

Installation Directions :

Upload the folder named &#8220SecMonit&#8221 on host through FTP
Make a MySQL database (Your hosting provider can help)
Go to your site exactly where you uploaded the files (eg:
The Installation Wizard will open automatically, just comply with the actions. ( or jump to up/ ) . Please make config folder writable ( chmod 777 )