Remarkable Thief Blueprint – 1 Hour Reskin, IOS 10, Swift three Prepared (Games)

iOS10, Swift three and Xcode eight prepared! Performs on iPhone7 , iPhone7 Plus and iPad Pro!

1 reskin currently featured by Apple 901 instances!!! Download iRun from the App Store and give it a try. Sufficient about spending hours in front of your pc looking and getting completely lost with no attaining any outcomes. Have you ever wished to locate a approach to resolve this under no circumstances ending reskin struggle? There are so a lot of great issues you could be performing if you had sufficient time. Let&#8217s face it: till this point you spent time with 1 also a lot of challenges than you planed to. I know this feeling fairly effectively. I&#8217ve had the identical struggles but right here is the remedy!


Watch video herte:
Get your hands on this #1 hit app right now. iOS10 prepared. Setup in 15 minutes. A+ supply code and assistance. Time is ticking&#8230 Rebeloper proudly presents Remarkable Thief Blueprint. This small gold nugget is primarily based on the hugely common game. Ride the wave of publicity and make your personal version of Remarkable Thief. As you currently know, these type of apps have a higher rise on the App Shop but a fairly quick lifespan, so you have to act rapidly to catch the &#8220Remarkable Thief Wave&#8221. Just about every day wasted is a lot of dollars wasted. Reskin your copy of the Remarkable Thief Blueprint right now! The sooner the improved. The app is about a thief jumping from 1 rooftop to the other. He is operating from one thing. He&#8217s likely getting chased. He is operating seriously rapidly. So rapidly that he&#8217s leaving everybody else behind. Are you rapidly sufficient to reskin this new hit? Are you rapidly sufficient to leave everybody else behind? We are proud to make the greatest supply codes on the market place. Remarkable Thief Blueprint is no exception. Just take a appear at the capabilities:

  • iOS10 prepared
  • universal app (functions on iPhone and iPad) &#8211 yes, even on iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and iPad Pro
  • constructed with the latest Swift three
  • ad network: Chartboost
  • dynamically generated gameplay (under no circumstances play the identical level)
  • No Advertisements In-app Obtain
  • Game Center leaderboard
  • share your score: Facebook, Twitter, Mail, iMessage
  • set up in 15 minutes
  • just about every art asset is a .png image file
  • Extra Apps web page

Nicely organised Setup Folder for every thing you require:

Modify Log

four..four &#8211 (23.05.2017) &#8211 Essential

  • Fixed missing Bundle Show Name crash (files changed: Information.plist)

four..three &#8211 (14.02.2017) &#8211 Essential

  • Fixed Restore Purchases button crash (files changed: GameViewController.swift line 60)

four..two &#8211 (28.11.2016) &#8211 OPTIONAL

  • Fixed Price Popup not displaying (files changed: GameOver.swift)

four..1 &#8211 (18.11.2016) &#8211 OPTIONAL

  • Added alternative to set gameplay speed (files changed: Settings.swift &#8211 lines: 93-97 GameScene.swift &#8211 lines: 233, 241, 265)

four.. &#8211 (16.11.2016) &#8211 Essential

  • Updated to Swift three &#8211 this is brand new project from scratch and is not compatible with earlier versions (no manual update can be performed commence with a brand new project)


three.1. &#8211 (14.12.2015) &#8211 OPTIONAL

  • Added Fyber (files changed: Information.plist, Defaults.h, PlistManager.m, AmazingThiefBlueprintSettings.plist, AppDelegate.m added files: fyber-sdk-lib, FyberCocos2dHelper.h/.m)

three.. &#8211 (16.09.2015) &#8211 Essential

  • Updated to iOS9

two..1 &#8211 (08.07.2015) &#8211 Essential

  • Fixed hero gradually sliding to the left and disappearing

two.. &#8211 (17.04.2015) &#8211 Essential

  • Updated Cocos2d to v.three.four.9
  • Fixed errors due to new Validations (No Prevalent Blocks set to YES)


  • fixed challenge when screenshot was not deleted when the app enter background (not updating could have your app rejected)
  • updated SpriteBuilder to v.1.three.six.
  • fixed positions of the Play and Game Center buttons to improved match in iPhone six Plus screens
  • fixed position gameplay score label to improved match in iPhone six Plus screens

** 1.three

  • fixed typo bug for displaying Vungle advertisements at Game More than
  • fixed bug when hero flys up at dying (occurred when you tapped at the identical time the hero hit the pipe)
  • updated to SpriteBuilder 1.three.five.


  • updated README
  • updated background image to new size (1600&#2152732) for iPhone six and iPhone six+
  • tweaked code to assistance iPhone6 and iPhone6+ (ground and obstacles positions)

* 1.1 &#8211 updated Media.xcassets (icons and defaults) to assistance iPhone6 and iPhone6+ devices &#8211 Critical Repair: fixed crash on Share button for iOS eight..two (occurring oniPad and iPhone5s) * 1.. &#8211 Initial release.