Rebar – Reading Progress Bar Widget for Adobe Muse (Muse Widgets)

Rebar is reading progress bar widget for Adobe Muse CC 2015.two+. The widget adds to the progress bar web page displaying the progress of the web page scrolling.

Rebar is completely responsive and can show the progress of scrolling the complete web page or portion of the web page, the boundaries of which you can mark straight in Muse. This widget will be extremely helpful for big articles or blogs, it permits the user to get visual feedback about the quantity of text study and the text that remains to be study.

The widget has a substantial customization capabilities that let you to also use it to implement the dynamics when scrolling.
Settings are clear and straightforward, but at the identical time let you to customize the look of the widget extremely flexibly. You can set the colour, gradient or background image for the progress bar, set the position of the widget, the transparency, the radius of the fillet corners and the blend mode.

The widget has a clean and valid code as properly as complete cross-browser compatibility with all contemporary browsers.

Important Capabilities

  • Responsive Widget
  • Customizable position
  • Customizable colors, gradients and photos
  • Customizable height
  • Scroll location: Complete Web page or Web page segment
  • Compatible with Adobe Muse CC 2015.two+
  • Valid Crossbrowser Code
  • Updates and New Capabilities
  • Massive Customization Capabilities
  • six months Integrated Help