RapidLove – Dating, Photo sharing and Place primarily based in one particular location. (Complete Applications)

RapidLove is a photo sharing, Dating app, Realtime chat app, with feed, photo editor, filters, notifications, following program, realtime Chat with Send, Noticed and on-line, facebook login, telephone quantity login, place, passport, guests, native admob and other individuals wonderful options. Its utilizes Parse Server as backend and Google Admob native advertisements to make funds.

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  • Parse Server. Deploy effortless to Heroku, Google App Engine, AWS and Azure in one particular click
  • Personal Parse Server (Possibility to have your personal Hosted Parse Server. Ex: VPS Hosting on goDady, Bluehost, a2Hosting or other hosting provider service.
  • Push notifications applying Parse Server Push adapter or you can use adapters like Pubsub, Airship, OneSignal or other
  • App to App and Dashboard to app Push notifications
  • Parse Dashboard
  • Sharing Method develop-in
  • Advertisements (Native Admob)
  • User recommendations
  • Realtime Chat (new)
  • Place on posts (new)
  • Telephone quantity Login (new)
  • Facebook login (new)
  • Report user (new)
  • Discover all posts
  • 24/7 Devoted Assistance

– Package

  • Supply code of app android
  • Cloud Code
  • Documentation

– Specifications

– Terrific Options

  • Realtime Chat
  • Passport
  • Guests
  • Nearby customers
  • Its a mutch Method
  • Place on posts
  • Telephone quantity Login
  • Facebook login
  • Report user
  • E-mail and Password Login
  • Recover/Modify password
  • Automatic Square Photo
  • Camera Reside Preview
  • Photo Filters
  • Edit Posts (new)
  • Push notifications
  • Splash Screen
  • Prepared for Android eight.
  • Request permission in login screen (From android six.)
  • Terms of use, Privacy, Press, help and About
  • Share program develop in (Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, And other apps installed that can share content material )

&#8211 Options


  • Publish Photo
  • Photo filters
  • Automatic Square
  • See Posts of following customers
  • Like posts
  • Edit Posts
  • Comment in Posts
  • No post offered screen
  • Advertisements (Native Google Admob) with Posts Design and style
  • User Recommendations when there is no post to show
  • Report or Hide Posts
  • Post place


  • Travel to other counties or city to get in touch with folks there
  • See who is close to you in mape
  • Click in close to customers in mate to get far more informations


  • See who visited your profile
  • Click in his profile to get in touch


  • Match with Nearby customers

Nearby Customers

  • See who is nearme
  • See nearby customers specifics


  • Realtime chat
  • Push notifications
  • Open messages with Push
  • Sent and Noticed in status in realtime

New Post

  • Publish Photo
  • Photo filters
  • Automatic Square
  • Set Text to publish
  • Set Flash on, off or automatic
  • Modify Camera from or back
  • Add place to photo (New)


  • New followers notifications
  • Photo liked with photo preview notifications
  • Photo Commented photo preview notifications

Push notifications (New)

  • New followers push
  • Photo liked push
  • Photo Commented push
  • New Message Push


  • With photo
  • See All your posts or chosen user post
  • Modify photo
  • Your Profile Information or of the chosen user
  • Edit user information


  • Update place
  • Terms of use
  • Privacy Policy
  • About App
  • Share and Invite Method develop-in

New options and improvements are on the way.

Devoted Assistance (Monday to Friday 10:00 to 14:00 and 19:00 to 23:00

by e mail see in documentation.




Demo User

Username: johndoe

password: 123456

ver 1. 20/08/2017
   - Initially version

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