Placeholder Image Generator and Replacer for WordPress Themes (Utilities)

Replace your copyright photos in your WordPress Themes automatically in 3 clicks.
The plugin automatically searches for the photos, measures the dimensions and generates placeholder photos, replaces them in your WordPress Theme beautifully.
No require to invest hours generating placeholder photos in unique sizes.

Envision you have utilised 100 + copyright photos in your WordPress theme. And you have to replace the photos with placeholders 1 by 1 manually.

Save time. Just set up the plugin. Search and replace with 3 clicks.

Crucial capabilities

  • Automatically finds the dimension of the image and replaces with a placeholder of the very same size.
  • Ajax primarily based batch processing. So it can perform even in servers with low memory
  • Enables you to handle the quantity photos to be processed per batch
  • Bakckup your original photos automatically just before replacing them with placeholders

Program Needs

  • PHP five.five +
  • Imagick or GD extension for PHP enabled (Most servers will have this by default). Xampp, Mamp, Wamp all have this pre-installed.


- 20/01/2017 
Initial release