PHP Uber-style GeoTracking (Social Networking)

The Uber-Style Geotracker is a PHP/MySQL script that enables a group of smartphone owners to track every single other&#8217s geolocations in close to actual time (default: just about every minute).

In my opinion Uber app&#8217s user interface is what sets it apart and is the crucial to uber&#8217s accomplishment. It is actual time, precise, effortless to use and informative and what tends to make taking uber far more eye-catching than taking a cab. Shoppers understanding exactly where the drivers are at any time created the distinction and redefined the for employ transporation. Visualize becoming capable to apply that to every day life with household, close friends, coworkers, personnel, and so forth. Now you can! &#8211 Data Ninja (7/12/2017)

HOW IT Functions

  1. Make a decision on the group of people today you want to geotrack (&#8220geotrackees&#8221) in a private geopmap and enter their emails in textarea on household web page.
  2. Click on the invite button and an e mail with GeoTracking hyperlink will be sent to every single geotrackees&#8217 e mail address.
  3. Each and every geotrackee will get and e mail comparable to above. Each and every merely clicks on the hyperlink to start out geotracking and closes browser or navigates to new net web page, to cease.
  4. Hold browser with private geomap active to retain updating geolocation actual time. (you may perhaps want to disable screensaver)
  5. Close browser or navigate to a distinctive net web page to finish geomapping.
  6. Re-click (reuse) geotracking hyperlink in e mail if you want to tracking to commence once more.

AUTHOR&#8217S NOTE ON SCRIPT: see weblog post &#8211 Author’s Note: Uber-style GeoTracker
Complete DOCUMENTATION: click right here &#8211 Uber-style GeoTracker documentation

Essential Capabilities

  • Close to realtime (primarily based on refresh settings) geotracking engine
  • Geotrackee e mail invitation engine
  • Approximate street address detection
  • Custom markers framework
  • Photo markers framework
  • Mapbox themes assistance
  • Invite new geotrackee(s) assistance

Method Specifications

  • Any browser that supports HTML5/Javascript, jQuery (two.1.four). Tested with Chrome Version 49..2623.110 (64-bit), Safari Version five.1.7 (7534.57.two), World wide web Explorer 11..9600.18230, Firefox five..two
  • A PHP/MySQL supported webserver is needed. Your settings will will need to match these discovered in &#8211
  • This script makes use of hosted libraries for mapbox and leaflet.js. It does call for you to procure access tokens &#8211 go to Click here for specifics.
  • See &#8216Installing this Script&#8217 in documentation.

VERSION HISTORY &#8211 Uber-style GeoTracker v1.

  • VERSION 1. (7/15/2017) &#8211 Initial Launch Version
    • Invite geotrackees by e mail
    • Create and send GeoTracker Hyperlink emails
    • Close to realtime (primarily based on refresh settings) GeoTracking engine
    • Approximate street address detection
    • Custom markers
    • Photo markers
    • Mapbox themes
    • Invite new geotrackees

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