PHP Counter – social networks fans/followers counter plugin (Add-ons)

Social Counter &#8211 PHP Plugin grabs the most current counts of your Fans/Followers and so forth. from your favourite social networks and then displays them on your web site .

Include things like PHP Class File

need './socialCounter.php'

Run Class

$SocialCounter = new SocialCounter()

Run Function

See instance to get social network count

// adjust 'get_facebook()' with your function name from list of functions

echo $SocialCounter->get_facebook()

List Of Functions

  1. get_facebook()
  2. get_twitter()
  3. get_google()
  4. get_instagram()
  5. get_youtube()
  6. get_vimeo()
  7. get_pinterest()
  8. get_dribbble()
  9. get_behance()
  10. get_vk()
  11. get_soundcloud()
  12. get_github()