PeerUp – Peer-to-Peer Donation Program with Referral and Wallet Program (Social Networking)

PeerUp &#8211 Peer-to-Peer Donation Program (Internet Ponzi) with Referral and Wallet Program

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PeerUp is a Peer to Peer Program that enables you to personal a site exactly where customers take turns in donating to every single Straight to every single other&#8217s bank accounts. Related to cooperative society program but rather customers just get multiples of their donations inside a time admin specifies.

Special Function The admin can ascertain dynamically when developing the packages if customers get 2x or 3x or 4x and so on of what ever they donated.

When a user selects a package determined by the admin, the user is provided a time limit to donate to a user who previously has donated in the identical subscription package.

** Capabilities

  • Quick Registration and Login for customers
  • God Mode: Simplified and attractive dashboard
  • Alter user password from Admin Dashboard
  • Alter Admin password
  • Develop Several Admins
  • In-constructed Ticket/Help Program
  • In-constructed Testimonial submission and approval program
  • Settle difficulties among customers (Court Circumstances)
  • Switch among manual and automatic merging of pledges
  • Notice Board to all customers
  • Wallet Program with Credits transfer among customers

User Panel: http://
Admin Panel:

Admin customers have a various view when they login
demo admin user specifics

Username: admin
Password: password

demo user specifics
Username: testuser
Password: password