On the net Multi Restaurants Marketplace for WooCommerce (WooCommerce)

&#8220Restaurant Marketplace for WooCommerce&#8221 This plugin is four plugins mixture pack (Woocommerce Restaurant Program, Woocommerce Restaurant Meals Menu, Woocommerce Custom Field and WooCommerce). There are 3 plugins inside the folder. 1 is &#8220woocommerce-restaurant-method&#8221, &#8220woo-restaurant-meals-menu&#8221 and &#8220wc-custom-field&#8221 make for &#8220WooCommerce&#8221.

&#8220WooCommerce Restaurant Marketplace&#8221 plugin assistance you to make restaurant marketplace and permit restaurant owners to sell or provide meals order from your internet site. It aids to set up your personal restaurant marketplace rapid, effortless and trustworthy.

By this plugin, restaurant owner get commissions on goods they sell from your shop. You can add the Multi-Restaurant method to your internet site so that other restaurant owner can sell their meals from your internet site for commission.

Only admin has the capability to approve restaurant shop from dashboard. Admin can also add restaurant, edit restaurant, and set commission price for restaurant. By this plugin admin can monitor all shop sales overall performance.

Every restaurant has person Admin panel. Restaurant can add meals item from his admin exactly where he can set needed information. Every specific restaurant owner can view the sales statistics, order list and payment status from his profile.

&#8220WooCommerce Restaurant Marketplace&#8221 plugin is a WooCommerce Extension Plugin which turns your WooCommerce Web page into a Multi-Restaurant Web page. &#8220WooCommerce Restaurant Marketplace&#8221 performs for All Default Solutions of WooCommerce.

&#8220WooCommerce Restaurant Marketplace&#8221 has some fantastic attributes and speedy &#038 effortless to set up. &#8220WooCommerce Restaurant Marketplace&#8221 is a lot more versatile and compatible with numerous current plugin in the WordPress repository. This plugin is completely customizable. Customers can simply configure the plugin into the new or current WP internet websites.

  • Multi-Restaurant Program for WooCommerce.
  • Anybody can register for restaurant shop which goes to internet site admin for approval.
  • Every Restaurant Owner has person Admin panel. He has access of &#8220Restaurant Settings&#8221 and &#8220Upload Solutions&#8221.
  • Restaurant Owner can add meals things from his admin panel exactly where he can set needed facts such as Title, Solution Content material, Solution Information, SKU, Frequent Price tag, Sale Price tag, and Handle stock, Stock Quantity, Enable Backorders, Stock status, Weight (kg), Dimensions (cm), Buy Note, Choose Category, Restaurant Percentage, Restaurant Note, and Function Solutions image.
  • Restaurant Owner can view the sales statistics, order list, payment status publish goods and pending goods just after login.
  • Any Client/ Restaurant Owner or Admin can view the &#8220Restaurant Information&#8221 from shop web page.
  • Admin has the capability to approve Restaurant shop from dashboard.
  • Admin can also make and edit Restaurant.
  • Admin can choose restaurant, insert restaurant percentage and place some notes from solution metafield for person goods.
  • Set the commission price.
  • Admin can monitor all shop sales overall performance statistics.
  • Retailers can be organized by category base.
  • Shortcode integrated.

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