Newsletter Framework (Types)

Newsletter Framework Description

Newsletter Framework is a robust framework and at very same size lightweight to construct your safe campaigns kind in your internet site with a lot of choices and examples, with this framework you are creating the sensible decision for your newsletter location with a lot of safety, flexibility and with scability needed for you boost it exactly where you will need.

Sorts of Types

Standard Types

Attributes accurate or false at settings file

5 colors in Header
Types with multi column Assistance
Types with Icon font with more than 1600 Icons 2017
Types Js validation with Ajax Submition devoid of web page reload
Types Enhanced NOSCRIPT Function
Types with SMTP, Mail with Authentication or NOT
Types with E-mail Priority Higher &#8211 Standard &#8211 LOW
Types with E-mail Charset UTF-eight &#8211 ISO-8859-1
Types with 3 Theme Selection
Types with NON-intrusive Validation with Information attributes
Types with Turn Accurate or False guidelines for Client Validaton
Types with Various Administrators
Types with Customized Notification Messages
Types with Customized Redirect Messages
Types with Message Prime &#038 Bottom
Types with SMS Notification Message
Types with Loader Selection
Types with Attachment
Types with autoresponder
Types with Custom E-mail Template
Types with Integrate Database Selection with mysqli connection
Types with MySQL Tables
Types with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and Mailerlite
Types with Excel Reports Integration
Types with Protection against SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF, And so forth
Complete Responsive
30 Attributes ++
&#038 Lots of A lot more

Shortcodes Folder

Add Eliminate Components
Colour Picker
Nation-State-City by way of google API
Feelings in any Input or Textarea
Responsive Center Maps
Masking Plugin
Parent Components Plugin
Placeholder plugin
Show, Hide, Disable Components (Conditional)
Sliders Plugin
Social Buttons plugin
Stepper Plugin

Inside Package

Newsletter Framework Default

  • newsletter-colors
  • newsletter-with-administrators
  • newsletter-with-administratorsbcc
  • newsletter-with-administratorscc
  • newsletter-with-automessage
  • newsletter-with-campaignmonitor
  • newsletter-with-excel
  • newsletter-with-excel-with-attachments
  • newsletter-with-loader
  • newsletter-with-mailcharset-ISO-8859-1
  • newsletter-with-mailerlite
  • newsletter-with-mailpriority-higher
  • newsletter-with-mailpriority-low
  • newsletter-with-modal
  • newsletter-with-mysql
  • newsletter-devoid of-mysql-duplicate-emails
  • newsletter-devoid of-responsive
  • newsletter-with-redirect
  • newsletter-with-sendmobile
  • newsletter-with-slide-in
  • newsletter-with-smtpauth
  • newsletter-with-smtpnoauth
  • newsletter-with-theme-flat
  • newsletter-with-theme-minimal

Newsletter Framework Flat

  • With very same Types examples above

Newsletter Framework Minimal

  • With very same Types examples above

Modify Log

- August 15 2017
- Version 1. Inicial Release


Icons Employed in Project &#8211 59$ Worth IcoMoon Ultimate Font
Fonts utilized in Project Google Fonts

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