Navegante (Navigation)

Take to the subsequent step your web page navigation proper now!

Navegante is the most sophisticated CSS3 powered navigation program. Every single navigation functionality is constructed taking benefit of the energy and overall performance of CSS3 functions. It&#8217s just blazing rapid!

Responsive and device-prepared with a lot of solutions to customize it that can be conveniently be aspect of your projects.

Open and close submenus panels in style! Navegante tends to make use of CSS3 animations to toggle the visibility of the submenus, it has infinite possibilities! It comes with a set of animations prepared-to-use and the possibility of use wherever CSS3 animation library you want.

Created considering in you, no matter if you are a qualified developer or not. It&#8217s absolutely written in javascript ES6 and exported as UMD (for sophisticated developers) and also compiled in plain Javascript to use it like a regular jQuery plugin (for common developers).

Navegante also brings you an substantial documentation to make the most of its API.

Documentation | Examples | Support

These are a handful of of the many functions of Navegante, so let&#8217s continue reading and uncover all of them!

NAVEGANTE Characteristics

  • Wonderful overall performance: All animations use the efficiency and speed of CSS3. Javascript files are smartly coded to increase overall performance.
  • jQuery: Driven by jQuery as a dependency. Navegante is compiled as a jQuery plugin.
  • Responsive: Completely tested and adapted to touch devices. Responsive types and functionality adapted to devices.
  • Themes: Combine the dark and light simple themes with the other eight theme colors or straight use the colour themes. View themes
  • Constructed-in Animations: Navegante contains an extended list of pre-constructed CSS3 animations prepared to use in your projects. View animations
    You can conveniently use your custom animations or use some animation library like animate.css!.
    Configure its enter &#038 leave animation independently and the duration.
  • Orientation: Opt for in between horizontal (default) and vertical orientations. Necessary types and functionalities are prepared to make it perform.
  • Submenus: Handle the sort of submenu panel you want to use. Default panels, Mega panels (fullwidth) and individually controlled widths. Assign individually solutions to each and every submenu!
  • Tabs: Constructed-in tabs module integrated to use inside of your submenu panels. Infinite nesting tabs levels. Handle mouse events triggers in between hover and click (also ready to appropriately perform in devices).
  • Individually: Make use of HTML information attributes to assign individually functionalities to each and every submenu. Update events, positions, aniimations and significantly much more!
  • Position: Opt for the submenus positions globally just setting an choice or assign it individually to each and every submenu. Many positions to select: prime, bottom, left, proper, bottom-left, prime-proper&#8230
  • Mouse/Touch events: Switch in between click and hover events to trigger the submenus. Turned into touch events when responsive.
  • Many: Make many independent situations on the identical web page.
  • Complete CSS Handle: Navegante comes with a many CSS state classes to let you to manage each nav state. View state classes
  • UMD: Exported in Universal Module Definition. You can conveniently import it in several methods: jQuery plugin, AMD, CommonJS and Browser international (from window)
  • Customizable: Completely customizable with a lot of solutions, themes, animations&#8230
  • API: It comes with a lot of solutions, events and properties to make it complete operative. View API
  • Events: Constructed-in events bindings to listen to each essential action. Opt for in between jQuery events or Vanilla Javascript events. Also, you can use callback solutions in the solutions object.
  • Documentation: Navegante is totally documented with explanations, code examples and interactive examples.
  • ES6: Fully written in ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) and compiled in Vanilla Javascript.
  • Light weight: Compiled and minimized is about only 29kb! Only 8kb gzipped!
  • Content material: You can set any HTML content material inside the nav. Just place it inside and Navegante will take care of the rest. Learn how to insert content.
  • Grid: Navegante brings you a constructed-in grid program to use collectively with the content material.
  • Hyperlinks: Avoid some trigger nav buttons to be aspect of the nav and let them to be regular hyperlinks conveniently.
  • Crossbrowser: Supports for browsers from IE10 to IE Edge (dropped reduced for unsupport by Windows), Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and mobile browsers (automatically adapted for greater overall performance). Completely tested on iOS, Android and Windows Telephone.
  • SCSS: Designs produced employing SASS preprocessor and compiled into CSS


ZIP file consists of the following files and folders View more:

  • Supply, compiled and minified JS
  • Supply SCSS, compiled and minified CSS
  • Documentation with many examples. View it online too



Version 1..

  • Initial release