Metis – Group Collaboration and Project Management Platform (Project Management Tools)

Uncomplicated and Clear Interface

Mention to grab an individual&#8217s focus

Information tends to make you concentrate on your perform, much more than attempting to figure out how this point performs

Clear Insights

  • Tasks
    Build tasks, assign them to your self or a teammate.
  • Teams
    Build Teams, assign customers to 1 or much more than 1 group, produce tasks and section privately for this group.
  • Projects
    Organize tasks into projects, assign them to your self or a teammate.
  • Private Projects
    Limit access to any project, produce projects that consist of specefic teams or specefic members, or make it public to all teams.
  • Kanban View
    Get an quick Visual of all perform with our Kanban view.
  • Assign a activity
    Assign a activity to a specefic particular person, and this particular person will be notified.
  • Due dates
    Set a due date for a activity to make certain that it gets completed on time.
  • Job Comments
    Comment on tasks, clarify what you have to have in this activity or ask concerns about activity progress.
  • Job Attachments
    Attach documents, files, pictures, make contact with cards and something to a activity comment.
  • Share a place
    You can attach areas in activity comments so members can know exactly where the tasks taking spot. Helpful for meeting areas or help areas. Integrated with Google Maps API.
  • #Tags
    Filter tasks by hashtags, or Discover new tasks by hashtags.
  • @Mentions
    Grab an individual&#8217s focus by mentioning them in a activity comment.
  • Likes
    Say thanks, agree on a activity comment with a like.
  • My Assigned Tasks
    Say thanks, agree on a activity comment with a like.
  • Tasks Archive
    Archive carried out tasks and concentrate on the new ones, whilst becoming in a position to restore old archived tasks.
  • Due Dates Calendar
    See list of tasks on a calendar to get a clear view about their due dates.
  • Insights
    Swiftly attain insights and track progress of a group or project, see how numerous tasks have been carried out this week and how numerous are pending and how numerous are overdue.
  • &#038A lot more
    Even much more capabilities are planned and coming&#8230

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Transform Log

Version 1.. [ 14 August 2017 ]

+ Inital Release