Medians PRO – Multimedia marketplace and CMS (Pictures and Media)

Medians PRO is Multimedia script to upload, sell and streaming multimedia files [Music, Videos, Photos] from computer or you can grab them from the most well-known web-site like Youtube. SoundCoud and right here are some of what you can do with Medians PRO

  • Grab single video from YouTube
  • Grab channels videos from YouTube
  • Grab playlist videos from YouTube
  • Grab Single track from SoundCloud
  • Grab Playlist tracks from SoundCloud
  • Grab User tracks from SoundCloud
  • Search and Grab tracks from SoundCloud

Administration access:

username admin

password: admin123


  • PHP five.three +
  • MYSQL five.x
  • mod_rewrite enabled
  • YouTube API crucial
  • SoundCloud API crucial
  • Facebook API crucial
  • Twitter API crucial


  • Complete Multimedia marketplace
  • Customers can upload premium or cost-free media
  • Paypal payment gateway
  • Customers can purchase media from their credit
  • Customers can get revenue from withdrawal web page by requesting it from Admin.
  • Social media login [Facebook – Twitter]
  • Prepared Search engine marketing optimization
  • Social share for media
  • Weblog and categorized articles technique
  • Plugins / Hooks sytems
  • Custom pages
  • Complete ajax web page loading ( Optional )
  • Channels / Members technique
  • Chat technique
  • Uploading files
  • Grabbing from YouTube or SoundCloud
  • Template engine to produce your personal theme
  • Grab single video / channels / playlists videos from YouTube
  • Grab Single track / Playlist tracks / User tracks and search by name from SoundCloud
  • Search technique
  • Following technique
  • Likes / Comments technique
  • Private videos for members only
  • Advertisements Technique
  • Multi Administrators
  • Swift player
  • Totally Responsive
  • Amazing style