Magento Value Negotiation/ Request quote (Magento Extensions)

Becoming human beings,We want to purchase solutions at the lowest cost and if they are not readily available,we use to negotiate till the extent that the cost will fall beneath the expectations by us and will satisfy our desires.Value Negotiation which is most powerful technical transform to your net-shop which will motivate the guests to purchase additional solutions.


– Allow/disable from backend.
– Shoppers are capable to request for quote with login or devoid of login account.
– Guest user can send quote for request of solutions.
– Extension operates with basic and custom selection Magento solution varieties.
– Shoppers have the suitable to define the quantity of their solution at the cost they requested for, which would enable admin to take decisionn for request quote.
– Buyer can accept or reject the quote provided.Accepted quotes can be bought by the consumer.
– Buyer straight checkout following admin accepted offer you.
– Buyer will view all quote request following login on shop.
– Buyer account will produced when quote kind is submitted.Account particulars sends by means of emails.
– Buyer can apply additional request on diffrent solution following login.
– Shoppers covert accpeted offer you as orders.
– Diffrent e mail templates define.
– Admin approve / Re-offer you / Reject the consumer request by means of the Magento admin panel.
– Admin can enable consumers to add comments on presents when sending presents to Admin.
– Declined :If admin is not accepting the proposal then consumer can re-quote the request.
– Accepted :If admin has accepted the proposal then user has selection to checkout from account and if demand can re-quote the request.
– Rejected :If admin has rejected the quote request then consumer can&#8217t re-quote request.

Methods to be taken for Installation

Step-1. Login with your Magento admin

Step-two. Go to technique -&gt Magento Connect -&gt Magento Connect Manager

Step- three. Login with Magento Connect Manager (with your Magento admin credentials)

Step-four. Upload package file (bought file) in direct package file upload section and click on upload.

Step-five. Return to Magento admin and clear cache from Program -&gt Cache Management

. Logout from Magento admin and re-login.

How to Allow and Disable the Extension?

Step-1. Go to Program -&gt Configuration -&gtWoomagestore Quotation.

Step-two. Allow consumer registration from Admin

Step-three. Quotation Manager

Shop Owner can view all list of quotation sent by consumer
List will show consumer detail with quotation cost on gride

Step-four. Admin Quotation list detail

Admin will handle quote by editing of proposal listing
Admin can edit,comment,cost and detail submitted by consumer
Admin comment will show on cusomter dashboard
Item proposal cost will show on cusomter dashbords.

Step-1. Front-finish Quotation-Show add to quote on solution listing web page

Step-two. Item Web page detail

Step-three. Item Web page detail with custom selection

Add to quote of solution

Checkout web page following accepted quote by admin

Cart detail web page

Completed orders

Buyer Dashboard

Buyer quote lising

Various quotation apply by consumer

Quote of exisitng solution