Magento Created Like Amazon’s Present Card (Magento Extensions)


  1. Overview


Lately, numerous ecommerce web pages owners have been browsing for a prospects one particular- size-fits-all on the internet Present Voucher to attract them to their shops. Definitely, it would be much more easy and price saving for prospects and also an effective way to make them happier. That&#8217s a explanation why e-tailers require a strong Present Card Technique. For quick term purposes, a productive Present Card technique can straight enhance sales due to the truth that Present Card encourage shoppers to get much more, and they typically devote much more than what they had on their balance. For lengthy term goal, Present Card is a strong module that aids organizations engage much more loyal prospects and attract the new ones.

With much more than 7 years functioning on the globe quantity 1 ecommerce platform Magento, Magestore delivers a Present Card Extension that is effortless for admins to set up and configure, and has a user-friendly interface. It&#8217s made like Amazon&#8217 Present Card with new capabilities updated on a regular basis.

  1. Essential Capabilities


  • Build limitless present codes with distinct values


The extension enables admin to develop limitless Present Cards or present codes in distinct values, which can be in the type of a variety or a fixed quantity.

  • Buyers are cost-free to pick out Present Card values to buy in a dropdown or fill in a specific quantity from an offered price tag variety.
  • Present Cards&#8217 price tag can be set equal, reduce or larger than their actual worth primarily based on your business enterprise approach. Acquiring a $200 Present Card only for $195, for instance, is surely a simulant that appeals prospects for buying much more and much more!
  • Retailer owners can set rule for Present Cards&#8217 usage to enhance sales and income, or to market some distinct things. For instance, &#8220This Present card can be utilized for buying make-up things only&#8221 can be applied in a Cosmetic webstore. Of course. prospects can view these circumstances prior to buying Present Cards.


  • Personalize Present Cards in your personal way with four good-made templates


  • Buyers can style their personal Present Cards by picking one particular of the offered templates and then uploading their personal photos to replace the current one particular. Adjustments will be previewed correct on the item thumbnail image.
  • This function can delight even the most demanding prospects due to the fact they can preview specifically how their Present Cards appear like with complete data prior to checkout. They can even develop a basic but eye-catching Present Card with a brand new template referred to as &#8220Uncomplicated&#8221.


  • Use Present Card in payment with Present Code versatile configuration


  • In addition to on the internet Present Card solutions, you can add/import/create present codes to serve offline prospects and reward them at your physical brick-and-mortar shops.
  • A mass of present codes can be produced utilizing an offered template. This extension let prospects use Present Card Credit for payment purposes, and redeem present codes to their Present Card credit balance as nicely.
  • In a distinct way, any one obtaining present codes can use them to buy solutions they want at your shops.
  • In addition to, prospects can track their present code status in &#8220My account&#8221 at webstore.


  • Build Present Card Merchandise with Present Code set


This new capabilities enables admins to create a set of present code and import it in mass by way of CSV file, then choose that set for a Magento present card item. This indicates that all present codes of this present card solutions are picked from a distinct set that you develop.


  • Permit Buyers to get on the internet and send Present Card to Good friends offline


The technique enables Buyers to get Magento Present Cards module then send to their good friends as presents with messages. The present card can be sent by means of on the internet or offline channels. Present Cards can be scheduled to send by way of emails or post workplace on a distinct date. Buyers may possibly also get Present Cards for themselves for buying purposes since the price tag of the gift card is typically reduce than its worth.

  1. Capabilities Complete List

For Buyers

  • Offer you Present Cards at distinct values for Buyers to pick out at their comfort. (Featured)
  • Present Card usage circumstances (if have) will be shown prior to Buyers buy.
  • Send notification emails to purchasers when recipients get Present Card.
  • Purchasers can pick out to offer their name or not when sending Present Card to buddy.
  • Buyers have a opportunity to get Present Cards at a reduce price tag than their actual worth. (Hot)
  • Buyers can choose Present Card template and upload their preferred image with four sorts of templates (Hot)
  • Purchasers can preview Present Card with data and style selected prior to adding to cart. (Hot)
  • Purchasers can drag &#038 drop to upload image utilized for Present Card.
  • Purchasers can create a custom message on Present Card for good friends.
  • Purchasers can schedule to send Present Cards on a specific date.
  • Present cards are delivered by means of e-mail or post workplace.
  • Buyers can send Present Card to themselves by way of post workplace.
  • Buyers can pick out time zone to send Present Card by way of e-mail.
  • Permit many individuals to use one particular present code as configured in backend.
  • Buyers are in a position to redeem their present codes to Present Card credit balance to use as a discount approach at checkout.
  • Buyers can track status of their present codes and know when they will be expired.
  • Buyers can immediately verify and handle Present Card codes. Correct immediately after they get Present Cards, the technique automatically adds present codes to their Present Card list.
  • Present code can be utilized as a discount coupon or a discount approach when prospects verify out.
  • Auto-add Present Card to prospects&#8217 Present Card list when utilizing Present Card at checkout.
  • Permit recipients to add Present Card to their lists by clicking on the hyperlink in the e-mail.
  • Buyers can verify Present Card data devoid of logging in to the web page.


For Admin

  • Separate Present Card price tag and Present Card worth, enabling Admin to configure rates of Present Card solutions primarily based on their actual worth.
  • Give Present Card history for improved tracking present codes, order ID, Buyer e-mail, redeemed worth, status, and so on.
  • Permit Buyers to use Present codes, Present Card credit with coupon codes or not.
  • Permit adding Present Card item with recipient, e-mail&#8230 when generating order in backend.
  • Permit utilizing Present Card discount immediately after or prior to tax.
  • Very easily handle templates and photos for Present Card item and preview them prior to they are applied. (Hot)
  • Hide template selector from Buyers if there is only 1 alternative offered.
  • Build limitless Present Card solutions in Magento to sell on the internet (Magento present certificate)
  • Set distinct values of Present Card solutions to be shown as a drop down, fixed quantity or a variety.
  • Configure the quantity and codes of Present Card solutions.
  • Limit Present Card usage to some distinct things or orders with Buying Cart Situations and Cart Item Situations.
  • Admins can import present codes from CSV files, add, print or create present codes utilizing patterns to reward prospects or use vouchers offline.
  • Auto send emails informing recipients and Buyers of Present Card code.
  • Uncomplicated tracking with auto updating voucher status.
  • Permit checking no matter whether Present Cards are sent or not in backend.
  • Configure Present Card usages such as circumstances, numbers of customers, expiration, paying for shipping charge, and so on.
  • Configure what will be displayed on Present Card item web page and the buying cart web page.
  • Permit altering logo and notes in Present Card printout.
  • Permit displaying expiration date on Present Cards.
  • Be compatible with other 1 Step Checkout module.