lightGallery-WP (Galleries)

Key Functions

Uncomplicated to use

Basically upload your pictures and videos you want to include things like into your gallery. You can also add current files from WordPress media library. All plugin and modules selections can be customized from the plugin setting interface.


LightGallery performs nicely with WordPress default image gallery. lightGallery is also integrated with the WordPress attachments, that it auto fetches caption from the media library.


lightGallery WordPress plugin supports just about any sort of HTML markups. It is definitely uncomplicated to replace your old WordPress gallery or add lightbox gallery help for your current thumbnails. Also, supports separate settings for every single gallery.


lightGallery comes with a couple of constructed-in modules, such as thumbnails, complete screen, zoom, and so forth. Module dependencies will be downloaded only if you allow it from the settings.


lightGallery utilizes CSS-only strategy for resizing pictures and videos. So it will be very versatile, and significantly more quickly than applying the JavaScript strategy.

Touch and Drag

lightGallery supports touch and swipe navigation on touchscreen devices, as nicely as mouse drag for desktops. This makes it possible for customers to navigate involving slides by either swipe or mouse drag.

Super customizable

lightGallery comes with a several quantity of selections, which enable you to customize the plugin pretty conveniently from the WordPress dashboard

Animated thumbnails

You also have the solution to allow animated thumbnails from the settings. otherwise typical thumbnail will be utilised. You can also make thumbnails automatically load for your YouTube or Vimeo videos.

Youtube vimeo help

lightGallery video module enable you to develop wonderful youtube/vimeo video galleries. It has lots of options such as automatic play/pause videos, thumbnails, posters and a lot more.

20+ Animations

lightGallery utilizes Hardware-Accelerated CSS3 transitions for more quickly animation efficiency. This plugin comes with several quantity of wonderful inbuilt animations.

Browser History

lightGallery hash plugin lets you to give exceptional url for every single gallery pictures. lightGallery will record slide history and makes it possible for you to travel to prior slides through browser back/forward buttons.

Zoom &#038 Fullscreen

You can double-click on the image to see its actual size. Zoom-in and zoom-out controls can be utilised for altering the zoom values of the image. lightGallery supports native html complete screen mode as nicely.

HTML5 videos

lightGallery supports all varieties of HTML5 video formats formats, such as MP4, WebM, Ogg, and so forth. There is intelligent integration with custom html5 player videojs

Social sharing

lightGallery share plugin makes it possible for you to share your pictures/videos to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google plus with exceptional url.

Wise preloading

By default lightGallery loads only three slides at a time to increase efficiency. Remaining slides are loaded as you navigate to it. It is customizable in settings.


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