Islamic Helper (Complete Applications)

Islamic Helper is a full Android application created with Android Studio applying on the internet public JSON API to support Muslims with their day-to-day duties. It supports APIs beginning from 16 (Jelly Beans) which indicates it supports far more than 95% of devices in Google Play Marketplace. It has a quite precise prayer occasions with city name search, 99 names of Allah with their translation and which means, and a lot far more. A sensible appication with these options:
&#8211 Precise prayer occasions with city name search
&#8211 Essential Hijri Dates which includes upcoming Hijri occastion
&#8211 99 Names of Allah with their which means and translation
&#8211 A full Quran version
&#8211 Precise Qibla path effortless to use
&#8211 Zikr and Tasabeh section
&#8211 About section to add far more data
&#8211 Admob advertisements integration

  • Application supports Arabic language

Demo apk: