Innovative Grid for Visual Composer (Galleries)

Innovative Grid is a Visual Composer Include-on from the creators of Colors Creative WordPress theme that will aid you to create the finest seeking grids on the planet from pretty much all WordPress submit forms (excluding website posts and WooCommerce merchandise)!

Straightforward to use still effective Grid

Are you exhausted applying complicated grid plugins? Innovative Grid is the most balanced answer to display your tasks or anything at all else (excluding website posts and WooCommerce merchandise) in grids inside Visual Composer in any WordPress theme.

6 layouts

Select in between 6 layouts &#8211 Equal, Automobile alter dimension, Substantial to start with, Masonry, Units and Units masonry to make actually distinctive picture grids.

5 base cell facets

Horizontal very low, Horizontal medium, Square, Vertical medium and Vertical higher &#8211 choose any of them to alter your layout. Units mock-ups Actually distinctive attribute: display your photos inside units mock-ups. Note: this attribute functions only if you activate the Creative Devices Mock-ups plugin (offered individually).

Diverse quantity of columns

1, two, 3, 4, 6 or twelve columns &#8211 define any quantity on every single breakpoint (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile) individually.

Scroll results

Apply 1 of the 6 scroll results to your picture grid &#8211 Quick parallax, Slow parallax, Super slow parallax, Kind two, Kind three, Kind four &#8211 or don&#8217t use any.


Demonstrate background shade, picture and submit information and facts over your photos with great transformations like fade, scale, slide and rotate on every single breakpoint individually.


You can define background shade and picture (made use of for every single grid item), apply various transformations (fade, scale, slide and rotate) and select when to display it.

Title and more information and facts

Use any text supply from your submit sort to use it as the grid&#8217s objects title or more information and facts. Define its shade and transitions as well.


Apply zoom in/out impact to grid objects and use fade, scale, slide and rotate results for caption aspects on any breakpoints.


You can define the quantity of columns, margin in between objects, zoom in/out impact for all photos inside the grid and all the other settings on every single breakpoint individually.

Hundreds combinations

By combining various caption possibilities, you can create hundreds of various grids devoid of even transforming your layout.

Presets (out there quickly)

We seriously want to conserve your time. Thus, we&#8217ve ready quite a few presets that can be utilized to your grids with just two clicks.

Default Visual Composer attribute

You can use the developed-in Presets attribute in Visual Composer to see and apply our prepared-manufactured presets. Just stop by the plugin&#8217s landing webpage to discover the appropriate demo and select the similar preset inside the plugin.

Conserve time

Presets will conserve your time for certain. Open the preset checklist, select the preset you want, and your grid is prepared.

Continuous updates

We are regularly producing new grid demos and incorporate their presets into the plugin. If it&#8217s not sufficient, just drop us a line, and we&#8217ll attempt to include the preset you have to have.

More functions

Produce any quantity of grids with distinctive alternative combinations on any breakpoints.


You can management pretty much all the plugin&#8217s settings (like the quantity of columns, show possibilities, caption transformations and a number of other settings) on every single breakpoint individually.

Limitless grids

You can create any quantity of grids on your site.

1000’s distinctive combinations

All the plugin&#8217s possibilities offer you the skill to make 1000’s of distinctive combinations. Don&#8217t restrict oneself and amaze your guests.

Use any photos, even GIFs

The plugin supports not only PNG and JPEG photos, you can use GIFs as well.

Documentation and assistance

If you want to fully grasp how the plugin functions, please, see its on the internet documentation.
If you have any queries just after the plugin&#8217s set up, please, drop us a line.