Hungry Spider (Games)

How to Play:

hold to assistance the spider climb up.


Hungry Spider is a addictive a single touch game with a cool graphic.

Make certain the spider prevent object and consume the fly. Sounds Effortless? Think me it is not! You&#8217ll be swinging in no time, but it requires super human reflexes to master it!

Attempt to consume as lots of fly as probable. Sometime you can obtain the gold fly, don&#8217t neglect to consume it.

Share your ideal score with your buddy and have entertaining. I feel they will grew jealous of your results.

The game is totally compatible with all most typical mobile devices.


  • HTML5 files.
  • Use for create mobile app folder
  • Construct two &#8217s project file. (the capx file have 65 lines, so you don&#8217t will need the license of constrcut two to edit the game.) you can download it absolutely free right here
  • Documentation