Helicopter Coaching – HTML5 (.CAPX) (Games)

Helicopter Coaching &#8211 HTML5 (.CAPX)

Understanding to pilot a helicopter is now enjoyable :)
With couple of commands now you can effortlessly pilot and land on heliports.
Just be cautious not to drop into the ocean or collide with the ice mountains!

At the finish of the test you get a stunning certificate of proof that you passed in all the tests and completed the classes in &#8220100%&#8221 grade and your points will be recognized!!!

How to play:

  • Use the Space + Mouse crucial! (Mouse redirects) &#038 (Spacebar is for ascending and descending in height).


    • Resolution 1280&#215720.
      • Straightforward Editing of codes and photos.
        • Essential to have the construct2 license.
          • Commented code to facilitate.
            • Higher Resolution: Complete HD.