Formidable Types integration for wpDataTables (Add-ons)

This addon integrates the wpDataTables, a ideal-promoting potent table generator tool for wordpress, and Formidable Forms &#8211 one particular of the most well-liked WordPress kind builders.

Upon activating, you will have one particular much more information supply out there for producing your wpDataTables &#8211 &#8220Formidable Kind&#8221.

All the kind fields will be treated as table columns, and the entries will be displayed in rows.

Please note that you ought to have one particular or much more entries for a kind to be capable to produce a table primarily based on it.

See the documentation and tutorial on using the addon on this link.


  • Define which fields will be shown as columns &#8211 the table creation wizard will show all the kind fields, it&#8217s up to you to decide on which ones to show in your table.
  • Show entry metadata &#8211 see in a table all the entry&#8217s more details &#8211 entry date and time, user, user&#8217s IP address
  • Configure the output &#8211 you can decide on regardless of whether you want to show all records, only final XX records, or, for instance, only the records for final two weeks &#8211 it&#8217s completely configurable
  • Use all of wpDataTables energy &#8211 as soon as you build the table you can operate with it as with all wpDataTables &#8211 make it responsive, add formula columns, render charts, and so forth.

Please note:

  • This addon is implemented by wpDataTables&#8217 authors, TMS-Plugins. If you want assistance with it, please use our assistance web page &#8211 &#8211 Formidable Types authors will not be capable to offer assistance for this addon.
  • For making use of this add-on you want to have Complete versions of wpDataTables and Formidable Types installed on your web page!