Flying Video for WordPress – hold watching video flying by drone though scrolling/navigating pages (Media)

Flying Video is the perfect answer to hold watching video though scrolling or navigating with very same time.

Add new effective alternatives to your web-site hold watching videos though scrolling or wile navigation, which can be moved about the web page. That way, you can continue browsing &#8211 though watching clips or series. Flying Video functions in numerous video web sites like WordPress Video (hosted videos from Media Library), any video kind other host finish with video extensions like(mp4), YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.


  • Video URL &#8211 Add video URL from YouTube &#8211 Vimeo &#8211 Dailymotion &#8211 Self hosted video from media &#8211 Videos finish with extensions like mp4.
  • Auto play video &#8211 Verify on for auto play video.
  • Width &#8211 Modify Floating Video width.
  • Height &#8211 Modify Floating Video height.
  • Top rated &#8211 Modify Floating Vide ospace involving best of web page and video.
  • Show in left &#8211 Active show in left side of web page.
  • Left &#8211 Modify Floating Video space involving left of web page and video.
  • Show in suitable &#8211 Active show in suitable side of web page.
  • Proper &#8211 Modify Floating Video space involving suitable of web page and video.
  • Draggable &#8211 Verify on for draggable Floating Video.
  • Fly when playing &#8211 Start out fly when video start off playing.
  • Drone enter path from &#8211 Pick drone enter path.
  • Drone hover impact &#8211 Active drone hover impact.
  • Drone wobble impact &#8211 Active drone wobble impact.
  • Drone colour &#8211 Pick Drone physique colour.
  • Maintain playing though navigating &#8211 Maintain watching video though navigating pages.
  • Active on mobile &#8211 Verify to active on mobile.
  • Active on tablet &#8211 Verify to active on tablet.

Modify Log

Version 1. &#8211 July ~, 2017

Initial Release