FaceSnap – iOS Selfie Application (iOS)

FaceSnap | Universal iOS Selfie Application &#8211 Swift

Dec 20nd 2016
• Added Photo Preview

FaceSnap is a Universal iOS application for selfies. Take selfie, set your favourite filter, set place and tag, share it! Simple and exciting!

Offered filters

  • CIColorClamp
  • CIColorControls
  • CIPhotoEffectInstant
  • CIPhotoEffectProcess
  • CIPhotoEffectNoir
  • CISepiaTone

  • XCode eight.x project &#8211 Swift &#8211 64bit
  • Universal &#8211 Storyboard&#038Autolayout by code &#8211 iOS eight/9/10+
  • Simple to Customize
  • Performs with Apple&#8217s CIFilters
  • Performs with Apple&#8217s CoreLocation Framework
  • Snap photographs from Custom Camera Controller &#8211 Choose images from Library
  • Set place for Photo
  • Set #tag for Photo
  • Share Pictures to Facebook, Twitter, Mail, WhatsApp and SMS, iMessage or Print