Facebook Seeker – Information collector (Miscellaneous)

With Facebook Seeker you can gather information from Facebook from pages, groups, occasion and areas.

Scrape and gather e-mail, phone, url, address ecc in 1 click!

You can filter information and save it effortlessly in excel, csv or pdf format.

Straightforward to set up!

Step by step guide to set up and generate your personal Facebook App.

Attempt demo now!

You can enter with demo account:
user: demo
password: demo

Export benefits to Excel or Csv format to operate with collected information or to import in your application.

Export benefits table in PDF format to generate fast report for you or for your client.

With Facebbok Seeker tool you can make a database for enterprise make contact with or Facebook Advertising and marketing

With clean and uncomplicated Facebook Seeker interface you can gather information from pages,groups, events and areas at the exact same time without the need of shed benefits of other tab.

You can filter benefits for each and every table column.

You can pick what fields you want to show on the benefits table without the need of information that you don&#8217t care

Facebook Seeker is a fantastic tool for your Social Advertising and marketing Enterprise!